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We’ve all been there. At the least opportune time your in an accident or your car breaks down on 285 and your stranded, so you pick up your phone and find one of the best Atlanta towing companies. It seems difficult because there are so many different towing services near me listed. Which can be trusted to give you a fast and safe tow? All you need a little time to quickly research the best, and we here at Van & Son’s Atlanta Towing Company 855-375-2668 are here to help!

Atlanta Towing Companies

What does a towing company do? If your car is broken down on the side of the road, or in an accident, a towing company will send out a truck quickly to your location. Depending on the type of wrecker being used will either have a “Wheel-Lift” or a “Flatbed”. They will use this to ready your car to be towed. Once your vehicle is secure they tow truck will take your car to the mechanic’s shop you request.

A tow truck service can also assist with pulling your car out of a ditch or ravine if you’ve run off the road. The towing service will use it’s “Boom”, a winch at the front of the truck, to pull you back on the road.

Locating the Best Atlanta Towing Company

How can you tell which tow truck company is right for you? First, take a look at one of the search engines, like Yahoo, Google, or Bing and search for “Atlanta towing company” and boom! You will see several great towing companies that are listed. Hopefully, you’ll choose Atlanta Towing Company Van & Son’s Towing Company for your towing service needs.

Next, check to make sure they provide the following services:
– 24/7 towing service
– Car towing
– Local towing
– Flatbed towing
– Accident towing & cleanup
– Fast towing service
– Cheap towing

Finding the Best Atlanta Towing Company Isn’t Hard When You Know the Best

When you’re broken down on the side of the road or have been in an accident, never fear, we are here to help – Fast! Give us a call at 855-375-2668 to find one of the top towing companies in Atlanta. We look forward to hearing from you.